JULY 2018 Public meeting recap


Distribution Stats

Meeting Attendance

  • Robert Ross - Administrator, FoldingCoin
  • Miguel Molina - CTO, FoldingCoin
  • Bill Beard - Director, FoldingCoin
  • Jeff Moreland - .NET Software Developer, FoldingCoin
  • Helene Unland– Social Media, FoldingCoin 
  • IvanTuma - Community Management, Curecoin 

Meeting Recap

Please watch the meeting in its entirety on YouTube at the following link:  



Administrative Report

  • Team collaboration has been improving and all members are communicating with Bill now instead of Robert. 
  • We had a professional rewrite the White Paper pro bonofor us to make it more direct and focused on our mission. This is now available on the website, along with all previous versions. We will be reworking the old White Paper to turn into the Technical White Paper for those that want a deeper understanding of the technical workings. 
  • FoldingCoinhas found a bank to support us and we are finalizing the paperwork. The account should be opened soon so we can begin to order services that require USD. 
  • Robert and Bill are focusinga large amount of their time to Grant Writing, Grant research, and Fundraising Strategies. Since we are a non profit, we are looking to raise money in a traditional way, to fund future development projects.  
  • All legal paperwork is finalized, and now the Administrative team canfocus on other things.  

Development Report

  • Stats Downloader V1 RC is available on GitHub undermaster branch 
  • Entering final release testing phase before making it generally available to public
  • Pushing the migration of legacy data to unexpected complexity and risk
  • Collaborating with Jason from EOC to mitigate the risk
  • Still a high priority item to complete the full migration to the new system
  • Researching installers for Stats Downloader to simplify installation
  • Stats Download API has been planned and has started execution
  • Tokenly/MergedFoldingintegration is top priority 
  • Replaces
  • Uses widely accepted JSON standard
  • Target completion date is sprint end, August 11th
  • CIP6/CIP10 Update
  • Finished setting up XCP federated node
  • Validation ofPRs to review 
  • Startingreview of PRs 

Community Report

  • Robert and Josh now are attending and helping to run the Indy Bitcoin meetup. The goal here is to network and help promote the idea of how blockchain technology can drive non profits.
  • Have been reaching out to various crypto payment processing companies about adding FLDC support. 
  • Have reached out to MafiaWarsabout doing a promotional Merged Folding distribution. 

Curecoin Report

  • Recent checkinfor the wallet increases outbound connections for more efficient staking 
  • TradeSatoshiNew Exchange! Multiple Trading Pairs Available (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litcoin, Doge, Tether) 
  • Folding Club Charity Raffle working on modified system after Stanford Server migration (waiting on Passkey monitoring script replacement) Starts July 10
  • Folding@home7.5.1 client is available to download ... check folding forum for the latest upgrade notes 

Folding Club Rewards

  • Released a Folding Club promotional video on YouTube at 
  • F@H's domain change disabled our previously used monitoring system. We found a new monitoring system which we are implementing. We are changing the site (rules, instructions, register link). We will be launching July 10th.



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