September 2018 Public meeting recap


Distribution Stats

Meeting Attendance

  • Robert Ross - Administrator, FoldingCoin
  • Miguel Molina - CTO, FoldingCoin
  • Bill Beard - Director, FoldingCoin
  • Ivam Tuma - Community Management, Curecoin

Meeting Recap

Please watch the meeting in its entirety on YouTube at the following link:



Administrative Report

  • Grant process is progressing
  • Initial grant applied for
  • Phase 1 of business plan creation is complete, final phase to begin this month
  • Bill is researching possible grant matches
  • Banking solution approved
  • Opens opportunities for alternative funding solutionsok
  • Bill is researching donation websites and fund-raising campaigns

Development Report

  • StatsDownloader and API release candidate (pre-release) tagged
  • Stats website integration with API is complete
  • Merged folding integration with API is complete
  • Stats website and merged folding are pointing to our test system until production is updated
  • Work on an off-chain distribution with Tokenly is near completion

Curecoin Report

  • Curecoin 2.0 PoS hardfork news...
    • Final public testnet to start within a week (goal: remove PoW component from CURE)
  • Veriblock news ( ... Our lead dev Max's other project)
    • Team has been running one of the a mining pools for Veriblock testnet
    • VeriBlock is up to version 0.2.13_1_4 CPU PoP (Proof-of-Proof) and GPU PoW
    • POR, The next gen Curecoin (~3.0) to leverage VeriBlock to inherit the PoW level of security from BTC.
  • New fundraising link on our donation web page (less prone to exploit than direct Paypal donations)
  • September Folding Club starts Monday... $300 Amazon eGifts, FLDC or CURE) plus random BTC drawing a.

Folding Club Rewards

  • The 3rd raffle ended at the beginning of August
  • 6 winners and total prizes of $325
  • 32 participants
  • 2 female, 30 male
  • 18 new, 14 returning
  • To share us: 12 used Facebook, 20 Twitter
  • 1 from Africa, 14 from America, 7 from Asia, 10 from Europe
  • Participants came from 18 countries: Great Britain, Russia, USA, Cyprus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Belgium, India, Malaysia, Norway, Singapore, Romania, Benin, Canada, Italy, Germany, Turkey and France
  • The campaign URL was viewed 534 times
  • 4356 WUs completed that added 101,968,504 points
  • Next raffle begin on Monday, September 3rd until Wednesday, October 3rd
  • More info at the Club’s official webpage

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