2019 Fourth Quarterly Report


News Updates

  • We have been actively looking for exchanges willing to list FLDC for free. If anyone has any good suggestions, please let us know on Discord.
  • Miguel has made improvements for the next major version of the stats downloader. This installation on the new server will be available for the next distribution.
  • The FoldingBrowser v21 release in October was mostly a maintenance release updating the Chrome component with other minor improvements.
  • Bittrex International (in Malta) was moved over to Bittrex Global (in Lichtenstein) at the end of October the FLDC trading pairs are disabled until a legal document for EU laws is provided. We have not found a lawyer yet that would be willing to write this document pro bono (currently asking over $10k). If anyone can help us, please let us know. Bittrex Global is welcome to re-list FLDC for free whenever they would like.
  • Folding@home Update from Greg Bowman on Dec 30, 2019
  • The new Folding@home GPU Core 22 with efficiency improvements and support for AMD Navi is moving from Beta to Advanced. Please make sure you are using the latest GPU drivers for this. Other stability issues may occur if your GPU doesn't have a good cooling solution, where you may need: better fans, or to reduce the GPU/VRAM clock speeds.
  • Counterparty Update: changes include Dispensers and Sweeps
  • FoldingCoin could use some additional volunteers; just let us know what you would like to help out with (programming, social media, being active in the community, international and US advertising, exchange outreach). Longer term volunteers are preferred for our specific projects. Please find us on Discord if you're interested.
  • The next quarterly update or meeting is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, April 4, 2020 at 14 UTC.


November Distribution (November 3, 2019)


December Distribution (December 7, 2019)


January Distribution (January 12, 2020)



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