Download the FoldingBrowser

It is recommended for new users to download the FoldingBrowser Windows Installer to get started, as it will lead you through all of the steps to get setup automatically. Please download the installer from the Github. If you cannot download it, or if you are on Linux/Mac, then please scroll down to the Advanced Tutorials section.
Please download the installer from the Github


FoldingBrowser Setup Video

FoldingBrowser extra Video


The advanced section is for users who are comfortable with setting things up on their own without the assistance of our Folding Browser. If you want to fold on Linux, you must use our advanced tutorials, but if you are on Windows, consider using the above downloadable installation package as it will ENSURE that you have setup everything properly. Keep the following common questions in mind:

1. FLDC is only distributed on the first weekend of every month. This is due to the high BTC fees it requires to send out the FLDC
2. CURE is distributed daily and you need to talk with the Curecoin team about any issues arising with their token.
3. DO NOT use Tokenly Pockets anymore as it has been discontinued.
4. DO NOT USE AN EXCHANGE ADDRESS such as from Poloniex or Bittrex in your Folding Name. If any issues arise we WILL NOT be able to help you recover these and you will need to open support tickets with THOSE organizations. USING AN EXCHANGE ADDRESS SHOULD BE AVOIDED COMPLETELY.
5. FAH does NOT ALLOW certain special characters. This includes the @ symbol. So if you use an email address in your FAH name, your BTC address will come up void. Please avoid using any symbol with the exception of the underscores THAT WE TELL you to use, DO NOT ADD ANY underscores where we do not instruct you to. THIS WILL VOID your username and you will not receive FLDC.

Windows manual setup tutorial

Linux FAH Client installation

Mac manual setup tutorial
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Folding Rig Remote Access

Wallets and block explorers
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Various Configuration FAQs
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Available Wallets



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